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Vegetarian Salmon is an exploration in cooking, eating, and living a vegetarian lifestyle. For the past twenty years, I have fluctuated from vegetarian, to pescetarian, to omnivore, to pescetarian, ominivore again, and finally back on track to vegetarianism. At various times, I received bad advice from a variety of doctors and coaches, on how to maintain my iron levels, energy, and health. Finally, due to the help of more informed doctors and friends, I have the tools and supportive people to help live as a vegetarian healthfully.

When my husband, AAM, and I turned to starting a new family, we decided to arm ourselves with the education needed to raise our children vegetarian. I used various book and organization sources (found in the education tab) to better inform myself how to create well-balanced meals. Even though my husband is still an omnivore,  our home is a vegetarian one, where we don’t buy meat, cook it, or support it. This forces me to make meals that an omnivore would enjoy, and not miss the meat. I also practice recipes that highlight fresh vegetables, served in a flavorful way which appeal to children. This blog is for everyone.

How to Use this Blog:

  • There is a search bar on the top right if you have a specific ingredient combination in mind.
  • Browse the category clouds on the right side of the screen, which are organized by types of meals or  most popular ingredients.
  • Recipes are designed for 3-4 people, unless otherwise noted.
  • These ingredient amounts aren’t precise. I was raised by an Italian cook, who never uses recipes. So, when trying the recipes do not worry about being specific, unless told otherwise in the recipe. Play with the ingredients and have fun.
  • I tend to not be specific about salt and pepper amounts, since this is very personal. Add these to your own preference.
  • Give Feedback! If you like a recipe or you think a recipe needs some tweaks, kindly let me know in the comments section or by email vegetariansalmon at gmail dot com.

I encourage you to explore new ingredients, farmers markets, and grocery stores. Move away from processed food, fill your plate with crunchy veggies and healthful grains, and I promise you will feel better.


Maureen, Vegetarian Salmon

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