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Taking a Break…

September 7, 2013

Well, if you haven’t picked up on it, I have been on a sort of blogging vacation this summer. I have had a few other goals, like getting back into running and reading an art history book a week to compliment my new AP Art History course this Fall. It was wonderful to sink into a book and get lost in stories of my early academic days. With the help of My FitnessPal and a co-worker coaching me in the weight room, I lost 20 pounds and I am back to running 7:30 minute miles on 5k runs. Running the pace I did in my early 20’s is a great way to say hello to my mid-30’s.

We are making room in our life for lots of new things based on old ideas. Before we were married, we decided we would complete our family through adoption. It seems the time is now. So, we have gone through endless amounts of research about different types of adoption, learned about the positives and negatives of each program, and have decided that international adoption was a good match for our family.  After 6 months of paper work, 2 months waiting for approval from Immigration and the Department of Homeland Security, we started the process of adopting through China’s special needs program, a program for children with birth defects. Very shortly, we will send our paperwork to China, which is when we can start looking for a match. There are so many steps, that we are very nervous about the process and hoping for the best.

An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break.

-a Chinese proverb

In the meantime, we wear red threads around our wrist, as a constant reminder of our child who is living somewhere else across the world right now. We hope in each day that we get closer to them, their life becomes a little easier than the day before. Serafina excitedly talks about all the ways she will welcome them into the family. She has become at pro at explaining the adoption process to friends and family. And, each day she makes a comment about saving something for the baby- be it her treats, a loved toy, or a place at the table. It is amazing how we can love a person we have not yet met. As we learn more and more, I can’t even begin to explain how excited we are for our newest member to join the family. We still have several more steps to go, so the next year will be busy and a little nerve wracking.

In thinking about these changes for our family, I realized that regular blogging does not really fit into this next stage. Responsibilities at work and home are growing to a level that I need to carve out more quiet time, which can mean less time to contemplate new recipes. Right now, as things are about to get pretty complicated with paperwork, reading referral files, getting ready for a new member, travel to China to pick up our child, maternity leave, adjustments at home, encouraging attachment, and a series of surgeries for our new child, life needs to be a calm routine. So, I decided to take a big a break from blogging, and I am not sure if it is a permanent one. For now, I hope you enjoy the rest of the year, and that it is a healthy and happy one!

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  1. permalink
    September 7, 2013 6:50 pm

    you are one thoughtful gal! congrats on getting back into running. i have fallen off the band wagon and hope to join you again. like in high school though, i’ll be on the slower wagon:) congratulations on making it as far as you have in the adoption process. i was a fan of your blog, but understand the importance of taking time for the big steps to come.

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