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Honey Sesame Green Beans and a Helping Hand

August 27, 2012

Last week Serafina’s preschool was closed for professional development. Each day, I tried to do something a little different in the morning to keep her entertained. On Tuesday, we went to Merrifield, easily the best garden center in the DC area. Sifting through the Fall/Winter veggies, while Serafina sat pleased as punch in the red wagon, we discovered a few gems to try next. When we returned home, each of us with our own gloves and tools in hand, we planted the seedlings. We planted two varieties of cabbage, bok choy, brussels sprouts, leeks, and broccoli. Serafina leaned into the raised bed, while I showed her how to make a hole, plant the seedling, and cover it back up. Showing encouragement, I clapped at the planting of each seedling. So then, she said “Your turn Mama!” I took a try at adding another cabbage seedling, and she said “Yay Mama! Good Job!”

After planting the Fall/Winter crop of veggies, we harvested our first batch of green beans. Since I planted them pretty late, we were able to enjoy them after the squash and tomatoes, making this feel like the garden that keeps on giving. I picked the beans, and she sorted the bowl.

Around dinner time Serafina went into meltdown mode, so I started giving her tasks. A typical toddler, she loves to help and be a part of it all, and giving her quick, specific tasks can keep her pretty happy. Handing her utensils and napkins, she placed a setting at each seat. Although I didn’t get to capture it on camera, the fork to the right, knife to the left, and napkin thrown over fork, really was precious. She was so proud of her work, grinning ear to ear. Helping is a big thing in the house right now, and her efforts to help us are hysterically earnest.

Usually, I make my spicy garlic green bean recipe, which remains a very popular recipe on the website. However, I was thinking of doing something light and sweet, and this recipe came to mind, something both toddlers and parents could enjoy. It is quite simple and easy to enjoy with a main dish. We made the green beans the center of our meal, accompanied with brown rice and a giant salad. I usually keep my cooking with canola oil to a minimum (you might notice we live on olive oil), however I worried the olive oil might dominate the honey flavor. Since I made my recipe with honey, vegans can easily swap their recipe with agave nectar.

Honey Sesame Green Beans

  • 1 tb of canola oil
  • 1 tb honey
  • 3 cups of fresh green beans, trimmed
  • 2 tb sesame seeds
  • salt

1. In a saute pan heat the oil over medium heat. Add in the honey and stir it around.

2. Add the green beans, and slightly lower the heat if everything gets too sizzling. Cook for 3-5 minutes. You want them to be crunchy.

3. Add the sesame seeds and salt to taste, stir. Serve the green beans over rice, and be sure to pour the rest of the sesame sauce on top.

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