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Restaurant Review: Three Foxes Vineyards

August 17, 2012

Three Foxes Vineyard

10100 Three Fox Lane, Delaplane, VA 20144 | 540-364-6073

  • Veg Friendly: Not really the issue.
  • Menu: Nothing, BYOVF- Bring your own Veg Food.
  • Cuisine: Picnic Lunch and Dinner
  • Service:  Wine Butler!

Ok, so this is not a restaurant. In fact, beyond basic winery snacks, not much food can be purchased here. However, this is a wonderful place to spend the afternoon eating and drinking wine.

A decade or so ago, Virginia gained recognition for their wines. Although it will never be the Loire Valley or Napa, the region has really started to shape its own character in the making of wine. However, AAM and I have a hard time finding wines that fit our palate. For years, AAM and I have tried to go and visit a few vineyards to find ones we enjoy. However, life happened. Both of us moving around, three graduate schools, coaching track meets or lacrosse games, grading, family obligations, PhD conferences, travel, a toddler, and other life moments all prevented us from driving 40 minutes away to try wine. It really sounds ridiculous if I listen to myself. I mean, we went to Napa before we visited the winery district in Western Northern Virginia.

Recently, we talked about building our own dining room table. We have wanted a rustic farm table since we first walked into our new home, but we don’t quite have the budget for our own tastes. After looking online, we knew we needed to drive through Western Northern Virginia to look at furniture to help us to design our own plans, and well why not add wine?

After asking friends, we tried a few wineries. We visited them all, and came with a definite favorite. The one I would enthusiastically recommend to friends is Three Foxes Vineyard. I almost hate to give the secret of this place away. Three Foxes has delicious wine.  We did a tasting, and the fee was waived if you purchased three bottles of wine. We loved the Il Volpe and the Il Signor, and bought a few to add to our infant collection. Both wines are also featured at the Inn at Little Washington, a five star restaurant that is the object of many east coast pilgrimages. Out of all the wineries we visited, we found it to have the best wines and environment.

To top it off, they have constructed their winery as a place for visitors to picnic and nap. With hammocks and tables, Three Foxes offers an outdoor space that allows people to relax and appreciate the view. Three Foxes set up seating within the vineyard, at the peak of hill overlooking the vineyard and the Blue Ridge Mountains and in a cool shady valley. The best part? If you are settled in your picnic location and you would like to try another bottle, they give you a card for the wine butler, who will bring it out to your party. This is the perfect place to go with friends. Pack some hummus, raw veggies and fresh bread, then venture out to Three Foxes for a day of relaxing conversation. We will see you there!

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