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Vegetarian Restaurant Review: The Farm, Dublin

July 6, 2012

Farm Restaurant

Farm Restaurant, 3 Dawson Street, beside Trinity College and Lord Mayors home, City Centre South  |  01 671 8654
  • Veg Friendly: Very
  • Menu: At least  two strong choices in each category
  • Cuisine: New Irish and Local
  • Service: Family friendly and Helpful

We have a few vegetarian friendly restaurants and pubs we try to visit in Dublin. However, taking a toddler added a new level of challenges this visit. There is the vegetarian mecca off Grafton Street, Cornucopia, a cafeteria style lunchette that tries everything imaginable vegetarian. We went for lunch after a day of shopping to enjoy split green pea soup and a variety of salads. However, right when we sat down, Serafina found her “Terrible Two’s” and lit into a tantrum. I picked her up and fled the restaurant, with AAM quickly packing things for take away. Of course, the minute we were outside, her face changed to total sweetness, and she lovingly grabbed my arm and pointed to a delivery truck and started asking me questions with a perky turnaround that only a two year old is capable of doing.

So, with this in mind we had a difficult task in finding dinner. We wanted something a little nicer than a pub, as we knew pubs were the only thing available on the island. We also desperately needed a restaurant that was child-friendly and open early. Like most Europeans, the Irish eat at 8, which is an hour past her bedtime. After some research, and a turn of fate, we realized that The Farm, a restaurant specializing in local and organic food, was right around the corner from our hotel on Dawson Street. After tiring her out feeding the ducks at St. Stephen’s Green, we headed to the restaurant.

Due to the poor economy, abundance of agriculture in Ireland, and a big smack of Irish pride, the local movement has taken the former Celtic Tiger by storm. Even in more rural towns and villages, local is proudly advertised and supported. Since we were wary of the economic crash, we were really excited to see the plethora of options that have opened up in the past three years. Additionally, this movement has facilitated the Irish food movement, which has accelerated the push for higher quality cooking and dining. The Farm is a solid example of these two trends converging.

With a nice ambiance and fancy fixtures, the restaurant would be great for dates or special family dinners. The kid’s menu and supplied coloring kits, helped us feel like our toddler was welcome. The visuals around the restaurant kept her occupied, as did the easy exit to outside, where she could people watch. She enjoyed humus with veggies and then a bowl of pasta. There were several vegetarian items on the menu, and I had a hard time deciding between the vegetarian beet cake and the goat cheese and mushroom risotto. I chose the risotto, and I was very pleased with the result. It was clear the risotto was cooked over a watched pot, a challenging thing for a busy kitchen to accomplish. It tasted delicious, and I sought to replicate it when we went to the Aran Islands, recipe to follow next week. AAM enjoyed his carrot and ginger soup, and kept taunting me with it, since Serafina had commandeered my humus. The meal was delicious, the staff helpful, and the entire evening delightful.  If you find yourself in Dublin, I highly recommend visiting The Farm.


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