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Fresh Air Discusses Agri-Business with Tom Philpott

July 3, 2012

There is much written about what happens behind closed doors in the meat industry, and most of it can be pretty horrific. Many people recoil when told to read books on the topic, and I can understand the gut instinct to turn away. Hearing about the extraordinarily unhealthy conditions of the meat industry, along with animal welfare, can be very difficult to digest. However, it was also one of the reasons I decided, without hesitation, to raise Serafina vegetarian. I can’t knowingly give this stuff to my child.

For those who don’t want to read the entire research on the industry, interviews like this one with James Beard nominated food journalist Tom Philpott and the movie Food Inc are really accessible ways for you to learn about how animals are made into meat products in some very dangerous and unhealthy ways. For those of you that do not feel like reading entire books discussing the meat industry, but would like to know how your food is made, I encourage you to listen to the piece. I think he raises some very essential issues about consumption, health, ethics, the environment and serious issues in public health.

Listen to the story here: NPR FRESH AIR “Assessing Consumer Concerns About The Meat Industry”

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