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Veggie Whole Wheat Pizza

January 23, 2012

As I have posted in the past, we often make our own pizza dough, which can be delicious and rewarding. However, you need to have some planning to make pizza dough, and that is not always a reality. Since we are trying to eat healthier, we are no longer ordering pizza. This does not mean one needs to rid pizza from their diet, but make our own with the ability to control the amount of cheese. When we tried the vast variety of frozen pizzas, and healthy ones, they just didn’t match real pizza. So, the discovery of Whole Foods pizza dough was a miracle. They offer the dough in white or whole wheat, and it sits in the deli/premade meal section of the store.

This pizza was incredibly easy to make, and wonderfully delicious. Although it is really basic, so for some it is an obvious recipe, I think its important to emphasize to everyone that making your own pizza is a possibility for everyone.

Veggie Whole Wheat Pizza

  • Whole Wheat Pizza dough, try Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s pre-mixed dough
  • Dusting of All Purpose flour
  • Dusting of cornmeal
  • 2 red peppers, sliced lengthwise, but thinly
  • 1 yellow onion, sliced
  • Olive oil
  • 2 cups of pizza sauce: (2 cloves of garlic, 1 can chopped tomatoes and 1 can of tomato paste)
  • 2 cups of broccoli
  • 2 tb red pepper flakes
  • 1 cup of buffalo mozzarella, sliced

1. Preheat the oven to 375, with the pizza stone in the oven. Rollout the pizza dough, slowly dusting in flour if it is sticky.

2. In a saute pan, saute the red peppers and onion in olive oil, until the onion is translucent.

3. Spread the sauce over the dough, trying to keep it even. Top with peppers, onions, broccoli, and red pepper flakes. Slowly lay the mozzarella over the veggies, include as much or as little as you need.

4. Dust the pizza baking stone with cornflour, then place the pizza on a baking stone, and bake in the oven for about 30 minutes. The pizza should be ready when the cheese is browned and the dough crispy.

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