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Vegetarian Restaurant Review: Ris

January 13, 2012


  • Veg Friendly: Not at all
  • Menu: 1 vegetarian appetizer, 2 side salads, no main
  • Originality: Nice, but not unique
  • Service: Not accurate when we called ahead, but in house service was fine.

In celebrating our 10 year anniversary, AAM really wanted to treat us to a nice meal. He did his research, calling each restaurant to see if they had several vegetarian options. We decided on Ris because the chef, Ris Lacoste, was the chef at 1789 when we had our rehearsal dinner there. Restaurant Ris assured AAM that there would be plenty of vegetarian options and that the restaurant was vegetarian friendly.  I really wanted to like the restaurant, and I almost resisted writing this review, because I still had a wonderful 10 year anniversary dinner, and I wouldn’t want AAM to feel guilty. However, it is precisely because we were reassured there were lots of options and gave a heads up in our reservation, that I feel I need to post the review.

We entered the restaurant and had a nice glass of wine, and then we were seated. After looking at the menu, it appeared to be very difficult to find something I could construct a meal out of. Other than two basic appetizer salads, almost every item had meat in it, and incorporated in such a way it was impossible to separate from the dish. I asked the waitress about an off menu vegetarian option, and she offered to put together the side vegetables (spinach, cabbage, and lentils). Knowing that the sides were not why I went to a nice restaurant for dinner, I was not opting for them. Asking the waitress if their famous gnudi, which are very similar to gnocchi, could be made into a vegetarian main dish, she enthusiastically said “No Problem.” However, when we got the meal, it was clear there was a problem. She gave me an appetizer size, five small Gnudi, on a main course size plate. They were good, but not worth the trip.  To say the least, I left the restaurant extremely hungry and we went to Flippin Pizza for a jumbo slice. I would not recommend taking vegetarians to Ris, even more so if they are vegan.



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  1. January 13, 2012 1:25 pm

    Thank you for starting these restaurant reviews. We just moved to DC and are always looking for good veggie friendly restaurants! (So far my favorite are the bbq tofu sandwiches at Smoke and Barrel in AdMo)

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