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Yummy Bread Saves the Day! Yet, again!

November 8, 2011

For the past six years, I planned my AP US field trips for Saturday mornings. Earning extra credit, the students and I would explore various museums in the city. It was a fun experience, that I really think added to class unity. This year, the schedule works that I could go during the school day. However, I learned the downside. Between the usual chaos of morning prep, teaching three other classes, meeting with students, then running with the class down to the National Museum of the American Indian, and back….I am exhausted. I could barely sit myself up on the couch to write comments, which are due at midnight. With AAM out for the night playing in a lacrosse game and Serafina asleep, I cuddled with my computer on the couch, loathing the idea of actually cooking.


Luckily, I mixed a batch of no-knead bread yesterday, so I cooked some for dinner. Since posting the recipe  two months ago, I have received so many emails about the recipe. It really is great and easy, and worth a re-post. This time, when I pulled the dough out from the fridge, I mixed in garlic powder and dried rosemary, then topped with kosher salt and a dash of flour. Add a little butter when its done, and you have perfect homemade garlic bread. Yes, I ate half a small loaf of bread for dinner. Whatcha going to do about it?

Go ahead, try baking some homemade crusty bread, click here for the original post.

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