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Happy Halloween

October 27, 2011

Since I am struggling with producing recipes at my previous rate, and I have many readers with a variety of interests/talents, I decided to occasionally add in projects we are doing over here at Casa Salmon. As the house projects are dying down, I set up my sewing studio this week. Although the studio will be a process over time, especially with some of my lofty ideas, I am proud of what it is now!

The Sewing Table filled to the brim with supplies and accompanied by my friend Barb Mowery's paintings

A TV in my sewing room! Oh, and it serves as a guest room once in a blue moon..

The opposite wall, with pattern organizers, paintings and memorbilia. The closet is part of the grand plan, to turn it into a built in fabric storage/tv unit

I am super excited to launch back into creating things.

First up? Serafina’s Halloween costume! Similar to last year, I really struggled about if I should make Serafina’s costume. Last year, I made a ladybug backpack for her. Her costume was definitely not anywhere near professional, but it was cute and affordable.

Actually, looking back on it, it was a totally weird costume. I think I could have de-cushioned that pillow by  a bit. She looks like she is sporting a jet-pack.

This year, we debated buying costumes. However, when I shopped online for costumes, I just couldn’t justify spending 50 dollars on something she will wear twice, or even ten dollars. Beyond cost, its just a huge waste and is just another excessive avenue into consumption culture (which I have not mastered, but try to find a few moments of intervention). So, yet again, I tried to construct a simple Halloween costume plan.

She is in the Penguin class at her preschool and one of her favorite books is And Tango Makes Three (based on a true story about two male penguins adopting an egg at the Central Park zoo), so we went with that theme for her costume. The entire costume took 1 hour, and I split it over two nights to make it even more painless. I find that moving slowly through sewing projects is the best approach. Last night, I grabbed some felt, and sewed on the eyes, beak, and chest pieces to a sweatshirt. The felt could be easily removed so the sweatshirt could return to her wardrobe after Halloween.

Tonight, I added on wings and feet, which we tied with ribbon onto her arms and shoes. I’ll be sure to post a picture. Between her school parade, a birthday party, a neighborhood parade, and actual Halloween, we probably can manage a shot of her in it. Seriously, this will be one well used $1.50 costume.


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  1. October 30, 2011 8:28 pm

    Wow, so flattered to get the shout-out! And embarrassed at how long it’s been since I’ve updated my painting blog…

    Both of baby Mo’s Halloween costumes this year (turtle and Ravens cheerleader) came from thrift stores and together were $4. I am wishing I had made something, but feel good at least that I am recycling.

    I liked Serafina’s ladybug costume. And the penguin is shaping up to be adorable.

    The coolest homemade costume I’ve seen locally this season was a panda suit on my friend’s little girl. Eleanor wore black pants, a white long sleeved onesie, and a black shrug sweater. The onesie was snapped on the outside of her pants, so she had a cute panda butt. And her mom made a white bonnet that tied under her chin and had black ears stitched on it. Oh, and she also sewed a green wand-looking-thing with a couple leaves on it “because pandas eat bamboo.” It was almost 100% made from Eleanor’s regular clothes.

  2. Samantha permalink
    November 12, 2011 5:22 pm

    I’ve been hunting for a small but useable sewing table. Where did you get yours?

    • November 13, 2011 8:36 am

      Hi! I found mine at Ikea. There are three drawers on each side, and the gatelegs mean that I can make it small or big if someone is staying in the room (which will be pretty rare). We can also use it for parties. I liked that it could serve many functions. It isn’t the most amazing table, but it is perfect for us.

      I also saw some really nice sewing tables on home decorators collection. They are part of the Martha Stewart Collection.

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