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Unusual Eating Habits: Cottage Cheese and Cayenne Pepper

October 11, 2011

College forced me into some unusual eating habits. For the first two years, I attended a school with a dining hall included in the the tuition. Because the hot food was normally heavy with meat and surprisingly german-centric cuisine, I rarely visited the main dishes. I was raised in an Italian-American household, where I was spoiled with what would now be considered gourmet cooking every night, so cafeteria eating was a bit of a shock to me. I couldn’t touch the pasta, and I couldn’t understand why Italian night didn’t have roasted asparagus and al dente pasta. So, I became very creative with sandwiches, waffles, and the salad bar. Adding the fact that I ran competitively, and sometimes had practice twice a day, I needed to refuel. So, I usually ate a salad, fresh bread with apple butter, and cottage cheese with peas. Yep, I would eat cottage cheese with peas, and sprinkle cayenne pepper on top, which might explain why we ordered pizza during ten pm study sessions.

Tonight, the entire family is feeling under the weather. I just didn’t feel like cooking, so AAM and I fended for ourselves, and I resorted to my old comfort food. I recommend it some day…

Now, my second college is another story. There, they had food courts, and even the salad bar was inedible, which is when I started cooking in my apartment. My roommates thought Italian came in a can, but that is another story for another time and place. Luckily, I really loved the school, so it was all worth it.

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  1. Caryn permalink
    October 17, 2011 11:40 am

    Too funny! One of my favorite “meals” at Kenyon was cottage cheese and corn. Amazing what that dining hall does to ya, huh? 🙂

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