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Succotash Gnocchi

July 13, 2011

Last weekend, Fee came over to see the new digs. The girls are starting to play more together, although in a typical parallel play pattern. Once their play crossed paths, which would happen if Serafina grabbed any doll in the vacinity or if Elaine grabbed Serafina’s “spoony” and cup (For anyone wanting to give a cooking set, the Potsy set is our most loved toy by far. I highly recommend it.), the two would clearly delineate the consequences of such action. Yet, they did remarkably well. We decided to feed the girls first, put them to down for bed, and then enjoy our dinner. Well, we learned that this approach might not work as well as it once did. Serafina screamed from her bedroom and Elaine echoed her from the finished basement guestroom/den. The house would have been perfect for a scene in Monsters Inc.  All four parents spent our time trying to soothe each child asleep, which meant dinner was not tended to in a normal fashion. The end result is that I overcooked the fantastic idea of a meal. Although it was overcooked, it ended up being really tasty, so I recommend making it without screaming kids.

Finally, we decided to let Elaine eat with us. Understanding that the strange room might be scary, especially since it was also a bit empty since we still haven’t bought furniture for it, we let her play quietly at our feet on the sun porch. So, I got to enjoy playing with my goddaughter, having her sit on my lap while we ate, and finally taking her on a walk around the garden to teach her the about the plants and about American history. She now knows what a hosta is, and can say “John Calhouuuun.” I felt like I did my duty in preparing her for her trip to Charleston this weekend.

Despite the surprises, we really enjoyed our meal. I added a salad, grilled veggies, and fresh focaccia.

About the Recipe: This recipe was inspired by a meal we enjoyed at Liberty Tavern in Arlington on the day we closed selling our old house. All the ingredients we bought at the Falls Church Farmer’s Market on Saturday, so this is an in-season meal, but can be easily made any time of year. There is a semi-local pasta maker that brings fresh pastas to that market and the Old Town Alexandria one. They make some of the most amazing pastas, so I highly recommend seeking them out. The eggplant parmesan is amazing, and we keep it in the freezer for emergencies. Gnoochi is pretty easy to make yourself, so I hear, but I tend to really mess it up. It is my goal to learn to make my own pasta this summer, so maybe I can start there.

Succotash Gnoochi

  • 2 cups of fresh peas
  • 2 cups of chopped tomatoes (yellow and red)
  • 2 cups of grilled corn
  • 2 cups of fresh gnocchi (about 1 package)
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1/4 cup of chopped basil
  • 1/4 cup of Pecorino Romano cheese
  • 4 tb butter
  • 1/2 tb kosher salt
  • ground pepper
  • basil sprigs to garnish

1. Turn on your grill. Pre-heat your oven to 400. Boil a pot of water.

2. In the oven, roast your tomatoes and basil in olive oil for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, cook your corn on the grill, husk off.

3. When your tomatoes are done, boil your fresh gnocchi, but very quickly. As soon as they rise, they are done. Remove your gnocchi, but retain 1/2 cup of cooking water in the pan.

4. Stir the butter, salt, and pepper in with the cooking water. Let the butter brown a little bit. Throw in your peas, salt and pepper. Let the peas cook until they are bright green. Then add your gnocchi, roasted basil tomatoes, and grilled corn (sliced off the cob).  Stir everything together. Sprinkle fresh basil, Pecorino cheese, and pepper to taste. Garnish with leftover sprig of basil.

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