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Blue Cheese and Honey

May 8, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day!

We have been enjoying an Italian themed weekend. Last night we enjoyed a superb dinner at Bibiana. Working with a small menu, I was able to chose between three or four vegetarian dishes, which was a welcome change to the standard experience of having only one choice. We enjoyed arancini, fried artichokes, and angolotti with baby spinach and lemon butter sauce. Each course outdid the next. The cuisine is truly a fresh authentic Italian, as opposed to the heavy American version of Italian. The sommelier, a young Italian from the Almafi Coast, was really helpful and enthusiastic about the wine. He stopped by our table when he saw we were looking at a wine from “his region.” He suggested another wine, same price, and promised it to be superior. He was right on target; the wine was amazing. We were impressed with the balance of professionalism and humor at Bibiana. I highly recommend going there for a special dinner. We plan on returning.

For tonight, we are enjoying a pasta dish, but we started the meal with this shared appetizer. This quick dish is fantastically simple, and amazingly delicious. The tartness of blue cheese is cut by the sweetness of honey.

Blue Cheese and Honey

Directions: Buy a block of a quality blue cheese, then drizzle generously with your local honey. Serve with fresh lettuce on the side, and have your guests merge their app into a salad. A delicious treat for nice Spring evenings.


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