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Serafina’s Birthday Cake

March 27, 2011
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To celebrate Serafina’s birthday, we started a new tradition. AAM and I made her cake together.  We wanted to create a tradition that we could stick to no matter the economic times or chaos. Since baking a cake can be done with her, we figured that even in years where things might be busy, it is a good way for us to take the time to do something with her.

This tradition is really funny, because as I have said before, I don’t bake. I had never baked a cake in my life, and definitely never iced one. Add that we needed to clean and stage our house for this Sunday’s open house, and needed to bake very neatly, this might have turned out into a disaster. So, after some practice walking with Serafina–she is in the phase where she prefers to hold our hands and take laps around our living room– we put her to bed. Sitting with pans, ingredients and a super cleaned kitchen, we strategized our approach. With things so crazy, we decided to not be ambitious. We made a simple boxed cake and followed these icing instructions from Prudent Baby. This year, we just focused on not burning or ruining the cake, and then decorating it. Maybe next year we can try from scratch? Baby steps indeed.

A capital M for her first name

Although I love Prudent Baby, and I often use it for sewing inspiration, we followed the crumb coat instructions and could not get the icing to NOT be crumbly on the top coat. Not a biggie, because we just covered the cake with dark chocolate M&Ms, turning the stamp towards the cake.

At her small birthday gathering, the cake tester took a giant piece in her hands and ate straight through. At first, she stared at us, but slowly she began to smile. She consumed the entire piece, and definitely went into sugar high mode. My mother-in-law, an expert baker, turned to AAM and I  and said, “Looks like you two need to learn how to bake, she loves cake.”***

***This reminds me of a really funny cartoon blog Hyperbole and a Half , she has an entry that is called “God of Cake” that always brings me to tears.

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