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Project: Food Budget, Week 7

February 24, 2011

Over the past week, several people have asked me how I stayed under budget so much in the past seven weeks. Well, the majority of the reason is associated with how we altered the way we planned and shopped.  First, the main ingredients are dictated by what we receive from Washington Green Grocer, then I double check our kitchen to brainstorm. I plan off of what we have, not what we want. Then, we hit the grocery store for the staples, such as milk, cheese, eggs, and bread products. We particularly look for bread that is Buy One Get One Free, as well as the organic milk and cheese on sale. We also look out for things that we tend to buy alot of, like canned beans, which I slowly restock the pantry.  I allow myself one luxury item a week, from goat cheese to pine nuts. Slowly adding those items to our fridge allows for some nice alterations to basic recipes. Finally, we don’t really buy snacks or treats. We don’t eat prepared snacks, other than pretzels, and well you can find ways to have healthier treats. Washington Green Grocer gives us so much fruit, so we rely on that for snacks. Additionally, I can bake the fruit to make a dessert. This week I bought pita bread to make pita chips for the hummus we made.

Keeping all of that idealistic advice in mind, we went over this week. I knew it while we were at the store, in the line, and when she ran the items into the cashier. I became slowly tense, we were over. Why? We bought two luxury items. The first, was ice cream. I had baked apples in the fridge and my mother gave AAM a baked apple pie. We clearly needed ice cream. It was Buy One Get One, so of course that was an added bonus. The other luxury is pretty ridiculous. I love pine nuts. I mean really love them in everything: pasta, pastries, and salads. Serafina and I took a look at the. We shook the container, listening to them swim back and forth. We rolled our hands over the plastic to feel the pinenuts glide under our hands. The grocer stocking the shelves leaned over and said to Serafina “Stinks those are a hundred dollars, right?” Serafina gave a questioning look. She heard, felt, and saw their deliciousness. $10. I cringed at the price. However, I knew that they would work in a bunch of recipes (get ready to see them re-appear), so, I threw them in the cart. Yep, those pinenuts were worth going $10 over budget.

Vegetarian Salmon Food Budget

two adults and one baby who eats finger foods.

Goal: $75 a week/ $300 a month

Actual:$85 …..Oops, silly pine nuts

Purchased: BOGO whole wheat bread, BOGO ice cream, BOGO HT brand sliced cheese, 1 Cabot sharp cheddar, organic milk,  heavy cream, puff pastry, orange juice, pita bread, leeks, black beans, and pine nuts. Washington Green Grocer box: Broccoli, Sweet Potatoes, Bunched Beets, Spinach, Celery, Red Leaf Lettuce, Sweet Onions, Gala Apple, Bosc Pear, Kiwi, Bananas, Baby Golden Pineapple

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