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Sell Out or Get Out

February 17, 2011

Everyone thinks they will never join “The Man.” Well, I guess everyone but the Nazis, I mean some glorify the man. Anyways, I have always dabbled too much in the Internet’s version of “The Man”: Facebook. The site has brought alot of good in my life. It reunited me with the oldest and dearest of friends in a substantial way. It allowed me to share my daughters life in a cheaper, and more convienent way. However, I DO hate it as well. People I have never wanted to speak to again sent me friend requests. It has no sense of privacy. It believes we are all subject to a machine, blah blah blah. However, having a blog, I contradict myself. In the end, I am a historian documenting my cooking for my children. After the death of my grandmother, I didn’t want recipes and stories to disappear. I forsee food as the mainstay in my family and I want Serafina, and her siblings, to look back and find it all. See their mothers craziness muddled into the recipes. In the small goal of history, I ended up finding over 100 visitors a day. Odd how those things happen.

So, after internet research, I decided to start my own Facebook page. The blog’s popularity makes me think of the potential: from recipe diary to cooperative project.  This makes me ponder more guest blogging. Since most of my guest bloggers are carnivores with vegetarian tendencies, maybe we can convince the general public that vegetarian meals are feasible feasts.

Anyways, “like” The Vegetarian Salmon on Facebook if you feel so moved. I am trying something new, in efforts to record the old.

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