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Vegetarian Society Approved Beer?

January 17, 2011

Last night, while we enjoyed a  Grolsch with the second night of our Reubens, AAM and I were debating what Grolsch means. To find the answer we jumped on the Internet, as one does at the drop of a hat these days, and discovered that it is a formal name. In the description, they announced that they were a vegetarian society approved beer. We were fascinated by this delineation. So, we went to the Vegetarian Society website, and sure enough you can enter any product under the sun and find out if the product is veg friendly. Marmite is. Yep, marmite. Not that I like marmite, but it is always nice to know that it is approved, just in case I have a marmite emergency. Then we looked up the difference between marmite and vegemite, which I used to run from when studying abroad in Australia. So lets just say, our night devolved into a night of Internet searches by association.

Anyways, for tonight’s Meat Free Monday, look up your products here, and see if they are looking towards of sustainable vegetarian lifestyle. To be honest, the website is mostly European products, but we see plenty of them over here.

Need a recipe for tonight? Try this Meat Free Monday Recipe Bank.

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