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Winter Walks and the Vegetarian Resource Group

December 7, 2010

Luckily, winter doesn't look like this yet...

Last weekend, winter arrived in DC with a blustery, shrieking coldness. We marked the start of the holiday season with Serafina’s first trip to visit Santa at an alumni function at Georgetown. In a fortuitous turn of luck, college friends of mine were in town were able to visit with their son. The two babies sat on Santa’s lap, and because their reactions were very different, we have some fantastic pictures to show them later.

After torturing the babies with Santa, my friend, NR, and I went on a six-hour walk in the cold around DC; I think I was torturing my Californian friend. My Georgetown friends live around the country, but we make a point to see each other at least once a year. Most trips involve long walks, talks, and lovely philosophizing- I cherish this time. AAM loves to say that we are the most functional girlfriend group he has ever known. We don’t argue, gossip, or fight. I think the foundation of our friend group is that each individual is a very confident, driven woman, with a sense humor, who always gives the benefit of the doubt to their friends. Or, we are too busy to gossip about each other, who knows. Regardless, I admire all of them for very different reasons.

I admire NR for her dedication to her friends and her compassion for animals. I have mentioned her on the blog before as my vegan friend. Like me, she is trying to learn how to raise her child in a world where feeding meat to children is the standard. So, we shared resources and aids. We traded book titles and stories. We commented on the different approaches to raising children, laughed at ourselves and at the ridiculous mommy wars. With every conversation we have, I always learn more, and this time she told me about an invaluable resource that I would like to share with interested people. Although I had previously known about the Vegetarian Resource Group, she let me know about their yahoo group for parents. So all people looking to explore raising their children vegetarian, vegan, or at least considering not letting meat be the focus of the family meal, should check it out. Click on this link: vrgparents yahoo group.

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