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Pear Granola Breakfast

December 5, 2010

Can you tell report cards were due Friday night? The lack of blog posts means that instead of writing entries while Serafina sleeps and AAM watches sports, I was writing brilliant thoughts about the young minds of America. At the close of each trimester, I am always surprised at the amount of grading and report card writing I need to do. Teaching history has amazing perks, like fantastic introspective conversations about the world and human nature, but it has a serious downside- grading essays. Over the years, I have altered my approach to assigning and grading work, but nothing can eliminate the fact that I will have a serious amount of grading to do at the end of a trimester. Additionally, my school does in depth evaluative report cards, as opposed to giving students evaluations with a numbered scale. We are encouraged to write a detailed analysis of what the student is doing well, and sandwiched in there is what they need to improve. I love the idea and I believe in the goal of providing students with concrete information on what they can do to improve, but  man it can make for a pretty painful week in report card writing.

During this time, I usually abandon cooking and grocery shopping. We eat the basics: bean burritos, pasta with peas, and even some Amy’s frozen pizza. Luckily, I tried to keep around some foods that are perfect to cook for Serafina (carrots , parsnips, beets, peas, and pears). Last night, as we finished our third to last baby cube, I realized it was time to steam/roast/microwave her food and set aside. There is a new batch of foods listed in the blog’s baby food section.

So this morning, she and I shared a breakfast of roasted pears–a basic recipe of peeling, cutting out the seeds, and roasting in a pan at 375 for 30 minutes.  While her pear baked, in a separate container I baked oats, raisins, dried cranberries, almonds, sunflower seeds, in cinnamon and butter (vegans use a butter substitute), I sprinkled oat cereal on hers, and on my pear breakfast I had my more adult oat cereal: granola (for those making baby food, please remember that granola is not suitable for babies under one).

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