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A Salmon Thanksgiving: With a quick NY Times dish review.

November 28, 2010

We had a quiet Thanksgiving this year. My siblings were in their various new hometowns, so we went to the beach with my parents. It was nice to have a quiet place to take Serafina, and the open spaces meant she had lots of time to practice her crawling. The house has a nice open floor plan, which is pretty much the opposite of our dear home in Northern Virginia- a 1930’s product of the New Deal projects (I love our historical house, but it is compact!). Serafina scurried along the floor beating the plastic spoons and spatulas to every surface, until she discovered my old stuffed animal gorilla, Bob, and it was over!

Because it was just the four and a half of us eating Thanksgiving night, and one of us doesn’t eat me (guess who?), we consumed just a few sides but all of them scrumptous. Soon, I will post a recipe for my mom’s stuffing, it is a basic one, but so delicious! Here are a few shot:,

Serafina’s Thanksgiving: Freshly Cooked Squash by Nana.

Heating Up the Kitchen...

The Final Spread: My mom's perfect Stuffing, Turnips, my Squash Wild Rice, and the New York Times' Sweet Potatoes Fruit Gratin


In the last photo, the dish at the bottom was a recipe from the New York Times special on vegetarian dishes for the holidays. My mom tried this recipe of Orange Scented Sweet Potatoes and Fruit Gratin. I enjoyed the super healthy vegan gratin. However, it was a bit on the sweet side, I would recommend substituting a cup of veggie broth for one of the cups of OJ, to mellow it out. By the way, t is also a wonderful way to re-purpose your sweet potatoes from Thanksgiving (just add them to the gratin later).

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