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Veggie Burgers: A Friend’s Recipe

September 4, 2010

One of the amazing things about entering adulthood is the friends who you meet along the way.  You learn to let go of the people who drown in their own self-pity, and find true friends who make you laugh and think. Although I am a part-time full-time student in my PhD program (meaning I am never on campus because I teach high school, but I took the course work full-time), I developed a great friendship with one of my classmates, ML. He advised me, laughed with me, shared wonderful ideas, and well, also knew how to have fun. In a very challenging degree such as Cultural Studies, it is easy to take yourself too seriously, however ML and I relate in our inability to deal with pretension.  I feel like with every life transition, there are one or two people who become instrumental in your ability to digest the change, and ML was the wise person in my corner helping me through it. I value everything ML says, and I feel fortunate to have such a good friend. Unfortunately, life is busy, and we don’t see each other enough, however no matter how many days or weeks past, we are always able to catch up without stress or strain.

So, when he met a really great guy, I couldn’t be more thrilled. You always hope the people that you love will find someone that will compliment and support them, and PL is definitely such a positive counterpart. What makes PL even better? He has an excellent vegetarian cooking blog.  I learn so much from his cooking, and also see many similar ideas and tastes. I had to laugh when I read his guacamole post, since I had planned on posting my recipe as well. His latest entry is something I wish I could make, veggie burgers. A year and a half ago, I reviewed restaurant veggie burgers and said if I found a good recipe I would post it, here it is and I will try it next week! In fact, just reading the recipe taught me about another ingredient to buy vegetarian, Worcestershire Sauce. I never looked at the ingredients, and realized today that it had anchovies in it! Isn’t it funny how if you routinely eat something for three decades, you don’t question it’s composition?

Please, read PL’s latest Veggie Burger recipe!

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