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Conserving in the Kitchen.

August 27, 2010

Sometimes it is useful to ask yourself, what is the most wasteful thing I do? Then evaluate the necessity of the wastefulness. I am not a super-environmentalist, but I tend to occasionally ask myself this question, and try to come up with a solution. For example, generally, the most wasteful thing I do is write lists, and re-write them because I don’t like the way they look. Yes, I might have a little OCD.  However, the iPhone I bought comes with a listing application. Problem solved!

After fixing that wasteful tick, I remembered the MOST wasteful thing I do is use sandwich bags. This has been bugging me for years. Each morning, I use a new bag for my sandwich, my almonds, and my carrots. I briefly re-used them, but then read about issues with bacteria and leeching plastics. So, they returned to a single use item. It got to the point that I stopped eating those foods because I hated packing them, not good. So, on Etsy, I found reusable bags, which can be washed (at the kitchen sink or the laundry machine) and air dried. They come in snack size and sandwich size. I bought a variety from a variety of  Etsy shops, and the ones listed below are the best. They are well-made, will last for a long time, plus they are cute! It is a great deal, you become less wasteful, while saving money over time– which of course AAM loves. I encourage you to count the number of times you use ziploc-esque bags, and then wonder how much you would save with these re-usable bags.

Plus, these are great for back to school!

Here are the best of the bags that I researched and purchased:

Bag It (See Right)


Moja Creations

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  1. August 27, 2010 8:20 am

    My host family in Denmark uses containers for lunch that I would have labeled as things kids use for lunch, but are actually very eco-friendly: sandwich boxes made out of metal or a safe plastic. Mine have cartoons on them, but you just wash them out after lunch and re-use them every day! Plus, then your sandwich isn’t squished!

  2. August 28, 2010 4:11 pm

    We’ve been using these for several years. It’s like a diaper for your sandwich —

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