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Lead: another reason to make your own baby food.

August 26, 2010

In June, an independent group tested a large variety of baby foods, children’s foods, and juice drinks, they contained lead. For the full list, click here. Seriously, Baby food?

When we were little, my parents gave us the food they were eating, just prepared slightly differently. My mom went to school, worked, raised three obnoxious children. She still found a moment to take a veggie off her plate, mush it and feed me. Many of the popular baby jars, like bananas, are foods that come naturally soft and easy to prepare for babies.  A little bit goes a long way, cook/puree a sweet potato on a Sunday afternoon and freeze in Baby Cubes to serve throughout the week. Yes, it requires an extra 10 minutes of preparation, but if you can find time to boil water for yourself, you can avoid this corporate nonsense for your baby. How did we arrive in a place where baby food needs to be cooked, processed, packaged and advertised? Who convinced us that we did not have time or ability to cook for our children?

Need some help learning how to cook for your child try these resources:

The Petit Appetit Cookbook: Easy, Organic Recipes to Nurture Your Baby and Toddler by Lisa Barnes

Good websites:

Wholesome Homemade Baby Food

Homemade Baby Food


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