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Cranberry Dandelion Greens

August 22, 2010

Dandelion greens are something I see in many vegetarian books because they are especially wonderful for their calcium, vitamin A/C/K, and Iron. So much goodness packed into a few bites, I was intrigued!  However, I never could find them at our mini-HT. Today we went to a different HT near the vet, and these jumped from the shelves at me. Knowing they were a bit like the taste of kale, I came up with a spontaneous slightly bitter complement to our sweet raviolis.

Cranberry Dandelion Greens

  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1 tb olive oil
  • 1 tspn of raw sugar
  • 1 bunch of dandelion greens, with the ends chopped off
  • 1 cup of dried cranberrys
  • 1 cup of pumpkin seeds
  • Pepper to taste
  1. Throw the water, sugar, oil and greens into a pot, and boil the greens for two minutes.
  2. Add the dried cranberrys and pumpkin seeds. Let cook for an additional minute.
  3. Drain the water and toss the food together with pepper.
  4. Serve with a sweet entree or chop up the greens and serve over quiona.
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