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The Vegetarian Mother’s Cookbook

August 14, 2010

My brother’s wife, JR,  is an extremely generous and thoughtful gift-giver. When she comes across something that reminds her of someone, or hears about something that might help, she is sure to pass it on to people in my family. She has a very big heart- I wish I could be half as thoughtful as she is. Her own family members have similar interests in books, cooking, and running, so my sister-in-law is often the informational bridge between us. When I became pregnant last year, JR followed this path and gave me a copy of The Vegetarian Mother’s Cookbook, which her own vegetarian sister uses. It is an impressive collection of recipes and information on how to keep up on protein. Now, as reader’s of this blog know, the whole not-eating meat during pregnancy thing didn’t work for me. Vegetables made me really sick, and the only thing that would stop the naseua was chicken. My theory, supported by my OB/GYN, is that I had stocked up so many veggie nutrients, that my body craved protein. However, soy, beans, and leafy veggies made me just sick. So, I didn’t manage to use many of the recipes then.

Now, I am back on track and kind of grossed out by my pregnancy indulgences. So, I am revisiting some of my favorite vegetarian cookbooks. I love the Moosewood collection, which  will have to be another post, but I sometimes get bored with the collection because I don’t think my tastebuds always jive with the authors. What I prefer about The Vegetarian Mother’s Cookbook is that the book is gives very accessible recipes to meals that I was always afraid to cook, such as dahl or veggie burgers. The author also gives variations and alternatives, which reveals an understanding of preferences and varied diets. Additionally, there are some classic meals, like Tortilla Soup, included, and this is the first book where I agree with how she constructed the classics. I can’t wait to try them. There are some meals that are overly simple, such as the English Muffin melt, but they are good reminders of how simple foods can even help you maintain a balanced diet. I can also see giving lots of these recipes to children, which means I will be able to give Serafina this diet as well.

So, JR thanks for an amazing gift that keeps giving. I am super excited about cooking vegetarian for our family, perhaps when you come home next, I can make you a special meal!

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  1. August 15, 2010 1:43 pm

    I don’t know this book- I will have to check it out! I also was really turned off by totally normal veggies when I was pregnant as well- broccoli, carrots, green beans. Did you check out the books I suggested? I think you will like them too 🙂


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