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Fish, Oil and the Gulf Coast Economy

July 10, 2010

Sometimes, news coverage can be obtuse and frustrating to watch or read, and in those circumstances I turn off the monitor and walk away. I find the BP oil crisis to be absolutely difficult to watch because there is very little I can do as an individual, the oil keeps oozing as human technology flounders. As I stand at a fish counter, I think about where it is from and if I should purchase Gulf fish or avoid it. Am I hurting the economy or hurting my family? How can I make an educated decision about the overwhelming crisis, as well as what is safe to still eat. However, the recent story about buying fish in the Gulf Coast found in the Washington Post revealed a fascinating path fish make on their way to Whole Foods. It explains the expensive prices, decisions made along the way, and how it lands on your table. It is worth a quick read!

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