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Best Egg Sandwich in DC?

June 21, 2010

Best Buns Bakery in Shirlington.

I am pretty sure my love for egg and cheese sandwiches brought on the attack which necessitated the removal of my gallbladder. Thank goodness I don’t have one anymore, because pregnancy led to the discovery of the Best Buns version. Made with the bakery’s fresh bread, the one from Best Buns got me through some serious morning sickness, which lasted 20 weeks. I remain so loyal to the breakfast staple, that I went into labor trying to make one. Instead of rushing to the hospital after my water broke, I sat and ate the sandwich. I knew I was in for several days of hospital food. Since I had to have a c-section, my doc was not thrilled when she found out that an egg and cheese sat in my belly. At least Little Serafina had her last taste before birth.

Nowadays, Little Serafina and I walk to Best Buns and the Shirlington library on Monday mornings. She is a hit with the bakery staff. The shop has a group of regulars who greet each other, and all coo at Little Serafina. I can’t wait for the day she gets to try the most amazing egg sandwich ever.

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