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DC Reality Cooking

June 12, 2010

Since Obama made D.C. hip, many reality shows are visiting the nations capital. Unfortunately, some of the shows I find eternally irritating. I realized I am too old for the Real World when I couldn’t watch an episode, even when the school I teach at was featured. Besides the irritating screaming and fighting that I long ago abandoned in a college apartment I would not like to revisit, the house avoided to allude to the Dupont neighborhood in which it was located, plus they barely took advantage of the neighborhoods off the Mall. At first, I was excited by the trending towards paying attention to the city I love so much, and then I realized producers look at D.C. through shades of red, white and blue. They ignore the people that actually live here.

However, a show I love, Top Chef, will have their next season in D.C. For a few months there has been a murmor of the shows presence. Recently, the Post even spotted Padma Lakshmi at my favorite Indian restaurant Rasika. I do hope the show refrains from the contrived D.C. icons and gets to know the city for the real city. Perhaps they will feature Soul, Ethiopian, or Middle Eastern cooking, which D.C. has some of the largest populations associated with these foods, therefore fantastic restaurants highlighting those cuisines. The Washingtonian blog spot them at Marvin, a great bar/restaurant on U Street where I celebrated my 29th birthday, so it is looking good. I don’t want to get my hopes up too much, but if there is too many red, white, blue allusions I might scream.

Top Chef DC premieres June 16th at 9 pm on Bravo.

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