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A new cookbook

June 7, 2010

I used to read cookbooks like most people read novels. The first chapter, explaining the methods and tools, would wrap me into a story. Then I would get deep into the recipes, and skip over the desserts to find out how it all ends. Some cookbooks were frustrating, where the content was too meaty, while other books needed more pictures. I started buying vegetarian only books, but found the ingredients too exotic, and the methods tedious. On Sundays, I would grab a few books, read through them, tag a recipe for each night, and then make a grocery list. A fantastic way to hangout with AAM while he watches sports, without me having to be subjected to football. Perhaps because of the lovely field of Cultural Studies, where I drown in theory, I stopped buying and reading cookbooks. During down time, I could only focus on knitting, crewel, sewing or the TV, reading was out.

Recently, as I have started to cook more, I decided to pick up a new cookbook. Like reading a novel, to get myself excited about cooking again, I needed to go with a chef I love and is an easy read. Giada de Laurentis’ book Giada’s Kitchen: New Italian Favorites Is the perfect book to try innovative recipes that are not intimidating. I love the variety of ingredients she chooses, and the methods she employs. Always leaning towards healthy fresh Italian, Giada’s cooking always reminds me of how my mom prepared food growing up. Italian does not have to be heavy greasy lasagna or chicken parm, in fact, that is the American interpretation of Italian. Giada has vegetarian family members, so she tends to have many meat-free recipes, as well as recipes where it can be made without meat and still feel like a meal. For pescetarians, this is a great book because the fish recipes don’t feel obligatory; they are well thought out.

Giada’s Kitchen: New Italian Favorites makes me excited to return to my Sunday ritual of reading cookbooks, picking out recipes, and making that grocery list. I am sure AAM is just excited that this means I will be cooking again!

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