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February 10, 2010

When dealing with a pregnant lady, it is important to understand the necessity of a full brunch. We started this pregnancy with weekly visits to the Arlington legend Bob and Edith’s— the only place that would satiate my morning sickness, and where we had our first dates eight years ago. Although I miss getting teased by the waiters for my appetite, as well as reading through baby name books in a booth with A, we now do brunch every weekend at home. The standards have not changed. I don’t cook brunch, I have to give A. full credit here. Although it takes a team of people to drag him out of bed, he is the chef, and I am just the line cook in the morning. Today, a Wednesday, we got to have a special brunch because of the third blizzard this winter.

Being snowed in this week, we have handled it beautifully. We did not have a single lazy day. Avoiding cabin fever forced us to do projects around the house that have been put off since we moved in four years ago. We painted a china cabinet, rehung pictures, reupholstered a chair, tore down the laundry room storage cabinets, and re-organized every closet, drawer, and cabinet. The nursery is ready, hospital bag packed, and my grading is well on its way. However, once I finish grading, we might be in trouble…

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