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Dressing a table…

January 26, 2010

…because a naked table is indecent!

Last summer should be called: The Summer of the Sewing Machine. Although I have known how to sew for ages, and often sew gifts for friends and family, I produced an unprecedented amount of gifts. Last summer, I had many weddings and new babies in my life, so I spent my summer with a one-woman sweatshop in our den. I sewed seven throw-blanket quilts, four tablecloths with matching napkins, cloth party decorations (yay, being green) and assorted baby supplies, such as onesies and burpclothes. Poor A, he would come home and I would be excitedly showing him the random gifts and innovative changes I made with each generation. I became a regular on finding unique fabrics and appliques. I scoured blogs for ideas, and spent much of my summer relishing creativity. In all the gift madness, I wanted to make something for us.

Ten years ago, my Great Aunt Julia passed away. I was fortunate enough to get two items of furniture from her home in Worcester, a steamer trunk and a dining set. Due to our relatively new presence in the United States, and because immigrants try not to bring baggage, we don’t have heirlooms in my family. I have always cherished my little dining set from Julia, and I love that it fits perfectly in our townhouse. It normally seats two, but has a leaf that rotates up when you pull the table across–old fashion ingenuity, which allows a tight four. Due to the size of the table, we host many cocktail parties, but not many dinners. It is always an experience having four people eat together at the table, but I wouldn’t want it any differently. That table is a Salmon table, and it fits our Minard life. However, there aren’t many tablecloths that fit it right. So, I realized that this was a super easy project, and would compliment my love of serving good meals. Anyways, I ordered a Florentine fabric and made a reversible tablecloth and matching/contrasting napkins. I found I only needed a yard of fabric, so I made a few more. So, to inspire you to dress up your table, here are some shots of my summer projects…

This is a tablecloth set made for one of my closest friends from Georgetown, notice our cat, Cleo, who also loves the table.

And two more for us,

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  1. October 25, 2010 9:42 am

    I need you to teach me how to sew again! I have my grandmother’s sewing machine, but I haven’t sewed in years. I’d love to get back into it!

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