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Tony may hate Vegetarians…

June 6, 2009

Anthony Bourdain hates vegetarians. As a chef he fosters a real hatred for people who only subsist on veggies, which rests on a theory about microorganisms which haunt vegetarian digestive tracks. Now, I don’t let his crackpot theory limit me. His show, No Reservations, and his books assist any chef who is interested in exploring new foods. We often watch his show, which travels across the world looking for the most unusual foods, as well as the best. Some of the meals he ingests bring up other issues for the digestive track.

The other day, while driving out to a horse farm retreat with my students, I listened to his book Kitchen Confidential. Despite his brief anti-vegetarian moment, I found the book to be an amazing help for my understanding on how the restaurant industry works, as well as how to build my own kitchen. I learned when to eat fish in restaurants, what not to order, as well as which restaurants to avoid. He also gives many unbelievable stories about what happens behind the swinging doors. In many ways, he reassured me that my path into teaching was more appropriate than the wild ways of the gourmet restaurant– which come to think of it got me worried about my cousin who works at Bertrand Chemel’s new place, 2941 (I am never above plugging family accomplishments). Anyways, Bourdain’s stories, sometimes boastings, create a fun and informative read, which I recommend, even for the vegetarians.

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