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Pescetarian Wisdom from a Chef.

May 11, 2009

Last weekend, at various events I heard the whisper of sustainable eating. The question became, what is good eating? and how do we qualify it? A true history teacher, my response encouraged us to look backward at our food, towards our grandparents and great-grandparents. Today, our food contains chemicals not nature, and depletes resources at a phenomenal rate. People talk about the emphasis on meat and corn in America, but really all food needs to be consumed responsibility. Vary your ingredients, your palate and the environment will be pleased.

For our anniversary last June, A. and I went to Hook, a sustainable fish restaurant in Georgetown. Started by a high school friend of A., Barton Seaver, the restaurant truly practice what it preaches on conscientious pescetarian living. After leaving the restaurant, Seaver continued his sustainable eating path, with a focus on fish, and opened other venues in D.C. Always an interesting one, Seaver creates a reasonable argument for looking at ingredients.
Take a gander at the article on Barton Seaver in the Washington Post, definitely worth a pause.

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