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Growing your Goods.

May 3, 2009

I gardened yesterday. Yes, I, did. In high school, under the 90 degree D.C. heat, I used to proclaim: I will never garden. Cursing my parents enormous yard, I declared their desire to have a beautiful garden an abuse of plants and children. Up to a year ago, I would tell friends about mowing the lawn before or after running four races in track meets, in order to garner sympathy due to my obviously abusive parents. However, I turned a new leaf (haha, puns are annoying).

I can blame basil, really. When A. and I lived on the thirteenth, yes the thirteenth, floor of an Arlington building, I planted my first basil to save money. I became oddly proud of our freakishly large plant. Look! I can keep a plant alive! Considering, I managed to keep two cats alive, one who needs a daily I.V, one would think this wouldn’t be a hard feat. However, I never managed to keep plants alive. When we moved to our townhouse, our deck became littered with odd herbs. At first, I could only keep edible plants alive. However, last year, my mom came and helped me plant our front lot. I realized I could keep all sorts of plants alive, and became obsessed with my hydrangea. A., look at my beau-ti-ful hydrangea! Isn’t it gorgeous! Do you think it will grow to be a huge hydrangea? huh? huh? He almost issued divorce papers.

This year, I am taking the jump, plunging into the deep, taking a risk. A friend negotiated a plot at a community garden for me. The past three weeks I weeded for hours, mowed, mulched, planted marigolds, A. even helped. Now, I am ready to plant my veggies. I could not be more excited to have homemade organics. So, I guess this the spot where I need to say, I am thankful for knowing the pleasures of gardening. OK, Mom and Dad, you win.

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  1. May 7, 2009 1:25 am

    amazing how years have past since we spoke last and i fall into a conversation about some random topic with my fellow curly cue just like that. i say random, because you’ll never guess what i just did and i’m beaming with pride! i just got back from the arlington farmer’s market in clarendon were i was inspired to come home and finally plant the seeds I had started germinating in some plastic baggies. this is what the guy at the garden store said to do to get them going and vroom vroom they are off… sprout city! i’m hopeful that i’m on my way to claiming my genetically predisposed green thumb because i wanna talk about MY beautiful hydrangeas. i hadn’t even thought of planting some, but with what i’ve paid for them at whole foods i could have had a nurseries worth by now. for the record, this is my first time commenting on the blog. yep, your post was that good a read:)

  2. May 7, 2009 6:33 pm

    I am waiting for the Ode to Worms… must be coming soon.

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