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A Valentine’s Day Delight.

February 17, 2009

A. and I never really celebrate V day. At first, this abstention occurred out of coincidence. The majority of our first four years together we lived in different cities, then there was the year in which I contracted Ebola from kindergartners. In the end, we never developed a habit for flowers and heart shaped chocolate boxes, except that might be my dislike for both items. This year, February felt like a tornado, one where I am being swept away by grading, reading and writing. With this in mind, we continued our past habits. On V day, we explored the Pompeii exhibit at the National Gallery which is worth a trip, but try to go when the tourists aren’t swarming. Although, we stopped to enjoy the floor show at the end of the exhibit. Sometimes watching people speed through a museum tells you more about humanity, then learning history.

Instead of venturing to my favorite restaurant, Hook (started by a chef and high school friend of A’s), we elected to cook that evening. After scouring the internet for recipes, we settled on Almond Crusted Salmon found on the Whole Foods website: I know, I know, I knock it and I love it. Cooked with honey mustard and almond meal, the salmon is topped with caramelized onions. I served the salmon with rice pilaf and their Roasted Spice Carrots. The carrots blended Moroccan flavors with spices in any kitchen. Starting with a glass of prosecco, we cooked the meal together. After a night of trying a new recipe and talking, I remember how much more enjoyable an easy Saturday together can be.

Here are the links for the recipes:
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